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Statistics show that today's home
buyer is willing to pay more for a
house that is move in ready.

Do you want to put your house on a buyer's must see list?
Let your property stand out with staging.

Buyers shop for new listings on the multi list, meaning your house is never more valuable than its first day on the market. Let your property be one of the stand outs!

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Weekly Staging Tip

Make sure your house smells fresh and clean. A decade or so ago, the trend was to bake cookies or bread so the house felt inviting. Today this is not done. We do not want buyers wondering what smell are you attempting to hide.

Staging Consultation
A pre-sale marketing tool to prepare your property for sale to eliminate as many objections from the buyer as possible.
Color Consultation
Assisting in the selection of colors for your home to give it that finished, polished look.
Staging Occupied
Optimize the presentation of the house while the homeowner is still living in it.
Shopping & Rental Services
Assisting the homeowner with accessories and furniture for either living or selling their home.
Staging Vacant
Bring in furniture and accessories to help the buyer visualize themselves in the home.
Redesign Services
Redesign is using furniture and accessories the homeowner already has to redefine a room, providing the space a new and updated look.

Discovering the potential.
Revealing the possibilities.